Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Whitlock: It's because Bonds is about to pass Babe

Do with this what you will. I'll be cleaning up the remains from my head explosion.

Do I think some members of Congress are grandstanding? Uh, yeah. That's what members of Congress do; check out "Hardball" some time.

But do I think this has anything to do with freaking Babe Ruth? What the *&#$%@!???

I mean, seriously, I'm from Alabama. I've observed enough racism in my life to sniff it out fairly quickly. To pretend for one second that baseball's steroid scandal has anything to do with race -- going back to Babe Ruth! -- is to create an alternative universe. Whitlock, unsurprisingly, offers absolutely NO evidence to back up his suspicions about Congress' racist motive; he simply ties the fact of Congressional hearings to the fact that Bonds is approaching Babe Ruth, and VOILA! An air-tight case.


At 1:47 AM, Blogger Bo said...

Nate, this is why I quit reading Page 2 a long time ago. This is also why sportswriters should stick to writing about sports, and not stray into politics, because they obviously know so little about it (hence, Whitlock's surprised outrage that GASP! MOC are grandstanding. . .note to Jason: that's what elected officials do).

I'm equally perplexed by his assertion that we don't need a war on drugs because the first was a disastrous failure (whatever, I'll give him this point), but then, two paragraphs later, notes the large number of drug offenders that are sitting in prison. Well, what's your point, Jason? I can only assume he wants to legalize drugs, but he's too busy working up a lather over racism to make a coherent conclusion here.

Lastly, it's equally dispicable that the accusation of racism is implied, but never fully stated. Because if it was explicitly announced, then there would be all sorts of messy loose ends to tie up, such as evidence for such a laughable claim, particularly when Bonds wasn't subpoenaed and the players who were are all white.

Finally, he contends that the "leagues need to police themselves." Well, that worked pretty well for the last few years, didn't it? Owners, big-time players, and the union all colluded to avoid addressing the issue, leading to the current state of the game today. I'm not a proponent of federal government solutions, but at the same time, I'm sympathetic to the idea that if an organization can't police itself, then sometimes the government is left without any other recourse to enact the will of the people (see what happened with Janet Jackson. . .that's a prime example of television pushing the line, against the wishes of the majority, until the people, fed up with the networks "policing themselves," authorized the government to do something about it).

Again, this is why I quit reading Page 2.

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