Thursday, November 04, 2004

I've got a lot to say...

...about the election, the Left's reaction, etc, but I may not have time until tomorrow to hammer it out.

The gist of it: the Left is clueless, and their self-reflection over the presidential loss only underscores just how foreign Red America is to them. I recommend you brush up on a couple of articles of liberal self-reflection to prime the pump:

"What Went Wrong?" from The New Republic (Beinart)
-- you may have to register first -- takes two seconds, but worth it to read the article.

"Two Nations Under God" from The New York Times (Friedman)

"How to Start Winning the Red States" from Slate (Saletan) and, for a less censored view of Saletan's feelings, read
"Simple but Effective: Why You Keep Losing to This Idiot" by Saletan

"Whither Liberalism? Again?" from Slate (Noah)

And, of course, "The Morning After," by some crazy chick at the DI.


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