Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Winners and losers

A quick list

Winner: George W. Bush

Loser: John F. Kerry

Winner: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Loser: John Edwards

Winner: Karl Rove

Loser: Bob Shrum, Joe Fathart, Mike McCurry, et al.

Winner: evangelical Christians

Loser: the “youth vote”

Winner: Vietnam veterans

Loser: that fatass Michael Moore

Winner: New Media

Loser: Mainstream media

Winner: Mason-Dixon, Strategic Vision

Loser: Zogby

Winner: Republican GOTV efforts

Loser: exit polling


At 11:02 PM, Blogger Bo said...

Tortfeasor, great list. I mean that. In my mind, this election represents a monumental shift in American politics. Old media out, new media in. The flagrant pandering to Michael Moore, to P Diddy and company by the Left has been exposed as the hollow facade that it is. The playing field is tilting, boys, and we're on board for the ride. The more I think about this election, the more amazing some of the things we've seen become to me.

Lastly, I do believe this spells the end of John Edwards political career. He brought absolutely nothing to the ticket, and one of the mistakes that will be catalogued in the months ahead was Kerry's selection of him over Gephardt. He managed to carry zero states for Kerry, his paucity of policy acumen was mercilessly exposed by Cheney in their debate, and he is currently jobless. I say: good. After reaping millions off the backs of doctors, after reallocating wealth from insurance companies directly into his own pockets, after turning NC into a ghost town for ob-gyn physicians, I hope we never see him in a political spectrum again. And his wife is a fat cow. Her comment about the Cheneys will be remembered for its callousness; in fact, that is about all that her contribution to this year's election was.


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