Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Latest

As if any of you are actually in suspense, Rich Lowry posted the following on the Corner:

"Our best understanding at moment...154,725 provisional ballots out there, and Bush's margin is 136,700. "

And this from a mathematician in OH and posted by Derb:

"I figure there are 175000 provisional ballots out there, as that seems to be the high end of official estimates. If we assume that each has a 50% chance of being counted (and that's way high, it's really probably more like 15-20%) then having more ballots than Bush's margin of victory is a 360-sigma event, which comes out to a probability of 2.8*10^-28145. [That's a number with 28,144 zeros to the right of the decimal point, then some nonzero digits: 2, 8,...---JD] But hey, it could happen."


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