Friday, October 29, 2004

The most pro-abortion president ever?

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

A President John F. Kerry would shape the direction of the court, starting with the U.S. Supreme Court, filling the courts with pro-choice appointments, and rejecting pro-life judges. Kerry would be the most staunchly pro-choice president ever. At the 2003 NARAL Pro-Choice America Dinner, where he described pro-lifers as "the forces of intolerance," Kerry boasted that his maiden speech as a freshman senator had been in support of Roe vs. Wade. On Aug. 2, 1994, on the Senate floor, he stated: "The right thing to do is to treat abortions as exactly what they are -- a medical procedure that any doctor is free to provide and any pregnant woman free to obtain. Consequently, abortions should not have to be performed in tightly guarded clinics on the edge of town; they should be performed and obtained in the same locations as any other medical procedure.... [A]bortions need to be moved out of the fringes of medicine and into the mainstream of medical practice."

Sounds like a man who "personally" believes that "life begins at conception" to me. If life begins at conception, Senator, then "treating abortions as exactly what they are" would mean throwing the cuffs on doctors and women immediately after they commit them. If life begins at conception, "exactly" what abortions "are" is MURDER.

You know, it's really one thing for politicians to try and have it both ways on some issues, like taxes or the environment or farm subsidies. But this kind of hypocrisy is disgusting.


At 11:58 PM, Blogger Bo said...

I agree, Nate. For me, abortion is where candidates like Kerry have to straddle the most ground, much more so than any other issue. It's a matter of fact that most Americans do not agree with the practice of abortion; they might be pro-choice, or hesitant to overturn Roe v. Wade, but why do you think a serious politician can never campaign as "pro-abortion?" Because he would get his lunch eaten by his opponent.

So it's ultra-duplicitous for someone like Kerry or Daschle (who I hope loses by a 50 point margin for his dishonesty) to pretend to be abhorred by the idea of abortion, but yet still vote against any restriction of it at every opportunity. It's also a ridiculous copout to use the "legislating religious beliefs" as an excuse, mostly because I do not believe John Kerry or Tom Daschle has any moral objection to abortion or else they wouldn't be sending out letters on behalf of pro-abortion groups.

One other reason why I hate pro-choice Democrats is that they, like Nate mentions, want to have it both ways. If they want to say "I'm pro-abortion," then fine - their opinion is abhorrent, but they're being honest. But to claim that you're pro-life at heart, then turn around and send out letters for NARAL, is disgusting.

Finally, at least we never have Republican candidates who tiptoe around like this. We all know where W stands: he's pro-life and unashamed of it. You never have pro-life candidates trying to walk along the balance beam; they're up-front and honest about their belief that conception signals the start of life. I feel pretty strongly about abortion as a moral principle (much more so in the last couple of years than ever before, though even back in my liberal, pre-9/11 days I never believed in abortion), but I almost think I would feel less vitriol towards pro-choicers if they were simply honest about their beliefs.


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