Friday, October 29, 2004

OK, this is getting ridiculous

As I told Bo the other day, I've had to step back from this election the last few days, as it seems to be dominating my life. That's the reason you haven't seen much action on the blog from me -- I can't possibly comment on everything that's going through my mind right now. I'm on lockdown.

I'll just throw this little nugget out there.

Tell me -- what more could the MSM do without going full-out Mr. Subliminal? "Yet President Bush has been powerless (VOTE KERRY) to halt a recent tide of bad news (BUSH'S FAULT) from surging violence (BUSH IS EVIL) and missing weapons in Iraq (WHAT A DUMBASS), to missteps by his own campaign (VOTE KERRY), to a potentially damaging new probe by his own FBI (HALLIBURTON -- FILTHY BASTARDS)."

This is getting intolerable.


At 12:49 PM, Blogger Bo said...

If that's not enough, Nate, you now have the NYTimes trying to stage an October surprise in the forms of Bombgate. The big laugh is on them, since as I type this, Drudge is reporting on a soldier who was with the unit and said they secured the weapons.

Perhaps Kerry should think twice about blaming soldiers during a war. I mean, it didn't stop him in '71, but you'd think he would have learned his lesson.


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