Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Cuckoo Carter

Via LGF, from Hardball interview with Jimmy Carter:

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you the question about—this is going to cause some trouble with people—but as an historian now and studying the Revolutionary War as it was fought out in the South in those last years of the War, insurgency against a powerful British force, do you see any parallels between the fighting that we did on our side and the fighting that is going on in Iraq today?
CARTER: Well, one parallel is that the Revolutionary War, more than any other war up until recently, has been the most bloody war we’ve fought. I think another parallel is that in some ways the Revolutionary War could have been avoided. It was an unnecessary war.
Had the British Parliament been a little more sensitive to the colonial’s really legitimate complaints and requests the war could have been avoided completely, and of course now we would have been a free country now as is Canada and India and Australia, having gotten our independence in a nonviolent way.


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Bo said...

Jimmy Carter is an utter embarrassment. What a sorry man. Thanks for fucking us over on North Korea, Jimmy.

Also, notice how he uses the word "sensitive." How liberal, and how naive. The rest of his analogy is not even worth the time to break it down.


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