Monday, January 31, 2005

Back to reality

College football recruiting has killed my interest in all other subjects. After Signing Day (Wednesday), I'm back, baby!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes...

...the Tortfeasor returns, with a few random post-holiday thoughts:

1. The political grandstanding over the Gonzales confirmation is sickening, even for Joe "The Plagiarist" Biden. As White House counsel, Gonzales was asked to assess the current status of international laws involving torture, and Gonzales made the "mistake" of giving an honest answer -- that the Geneva Convention rules may not apply to terrorist enemies. This wasn't a preference by Gonzales for the use of torture, nor was it a recommendation to the administration to use such tactics. It was simply a truthful assessment of the state of the law. And the most of the jackasses skewering Gonzales over this -- lawyers themselves -- know better. Am I surprised? No.

2. 24 is the best show ever to appear on TV. I am prepared to say this after watching my first two episodes last night. I cannot stress this enough: 24 is must-see-TV if such a thing has ever existed. I will now plan my entire week around its airing. I will now buy the first two seasons on DVD. Anyone reading this who has not seen 24 is ordered to watch it every Sunday night on Fox. As one of my friends/co-workers said, "It's like having your favorite movie come on every week, except the plot is different." I'm telling you, your Sunday nights should be booked solid with 24 and Arrested Development.

3. I was very fired up to see Mel Gibson win the People's Choice Award last night for Best Drama. However, I was a little bummed/disappointed to hear his pointed criticisms of the Bush Administration's Iraq policies on the news on the radio this morning, and I can't help but feel a little cynical about his motivations. Now, I don't doubt that Mel really does disagree with the Iraq War; I am aware that many very serious Christians are troubled by it. I admit that I have had my doubts about its wisdom from time to time, although I hold out faith that it will be a long-term success. But Mel's comments seem favorably timed perhaps to push him over the edge for the Oscar. I hope that had nothing to do with his decision to go public with his political opinion, but I can't help but wonder if he didn't see the personal benefit in going on the record as an anti-Iraq War guy. Opinions solicited.

4. Randy Moss is a true DA. Give me Marvin Harrison.

5. It's kind of depressing to watch Brett Favre get old right before my eyes. He needs to hang it up before he goes out Willie Mays-style.