Friday, November 12, 2004

Bo in the DI: "Acceptable bigotry"

Bo lowers the boom on the hypocritical liberals who evidently believe that bigotry towards Christians is not only acceptable, but "chic."

Money quotes:

....The left has never been shy about its disdain for evangelicals, who somehow deserve less of a vote than the "young voter" herd of sheep that follow Michael Moore or P. Diddy - a herd that is voracious for politics when it comes packaged as a Bruce Springsteen concert, but found its fervor wanting upon realizing that voting booths are exponentially less glamorous than a P. Diddy video....

....And it is understandable that Smiley & Co. are so fearful of tyrannical Christians, whose malevolent soup kitchens for the homeless and diabolical missions to Africa are indeed ominously menacing....

....It is justly abhorrent to be racist; it is equally despicable to be anti-Semitic. But it is chic as hell to direct bilious vitriol, as the above authors do, at Christians.....

....[T]hey had better shut up and shut up soon. Do they think that Christians cannot read, that Christians don't have access to the New York Times, that Christians are not quietly absorbing the malicious invective being directed at them?

You better read the whole thing. Pure destruction.


At 1:30 PM, Blogger MSR said...

As I noted in an earlier email, this column caused me to pitch a tent.


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