Monday, September 06, 2004

Football talk

Fortunes rising:
Auburn -- preseason favorite LSU stumbles, looks much less formidable than last year, opening the door wide for AU to go to ATL; but 31 points against ULM may be a little worrisome. Can't tell until they open up the offense against an SEC opponent.
Alabama -- looked considerably more polished than last year -- few penalties and vastly improved special teams -- significant upgrades at skill positions -- and Brodie is looking healthy and stronger than ever; but defensive line looked suspect against a poor Utah State team.
Arkansas -- after losing 18 starters, took care of business against non-conference opponent.
MSU -- any win is a good win.

Fortunes falling:
LSU -- quarterback is going to be a serious problem. Randall is just as bad as he was two years ago, and Russell isn't ready (but shows some promise). Will not repeat as NC, and will have a fight on its hands for the SECW.
OM -- back to reality for Ole Miss -- defensive line was dominated (from what I'm told) -- and QB is in a different league (like Pee Wee) than Manning.

UT -- freshman QBs looked surprisingly polished, but didn't UNLV look terrible on D?
SC -- will be a much tougher team than most have predicted, IMO.
Vandy -- remains Vandy. Bottom line: you cannot compete in the SEC unless your school is willing to go all-out for football success.
UK -- what probation is supposed to do to a program.


At 3:26 PM, Blogger ChairmanOfTheBoard said...

AU was my preseason pick to go to ATL, and the first weekend did nothing to change my mind. Prediction: Brandon Cox comes off the bench to win a game this year for AU.
Bama: Problems on the DL will reveal themselves against good OL (TN, AU, LSU), and let's see how the freshman WR do against an aggressive defensive backfield.
Arkansas: I hate him, but Nutt has them ready to play every year.
LSU - See LSU 2002.
Ole Miss - Hard to say OM DL got dominated, as Memphis' supposed star TB only averaged 2.9 yd/carry. However, Spurlock is quickly proving to be the second coming of Romaro Miller. Ole Miss' problems can be summed up as follows: Eli is threatening to start opening day for the NYG; and the last time we saw starting TB Jamal Pittman, he was getting maced in the face after pointing a Glock fixed with a laser at a few of Memphis' finest. Nuff said. Nail meet hammer. Bingo that's a goodie.

SC - stop the run, stop SC. Play Chris Harris at DE against SC, pay the price. Definitely the surprise team in the SEC after week 1.
UT - the Mark Twain of the SEC just keeps plugging along. Will probably be better on offense this year despite the loss of Clausen due to a renewed emphasis on the running game. Front 7 is nasty; backfield can be exploited.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

Good comments, but what does "the Mark Twain of the SEC" mean?

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

Ah, the Chairman informs me that UT = Mark Twain in that "reports of [UT's] demise have been greatly exaggerated."

At 12:34 AM, Blogger Bo said...

In the future, could we use a lot more MTV, pop-culture references instead of that high-falutin, all learned stuff? It makes it easier for us Iowans that way.


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