Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Thanks, NFLPA

I know most of you probably don't give a damn about this, but I was pretty pissed when I came across this bit of news.

Call me naive, but I think it absolutely sucks that the NFL would sell-out with no regard whatsoever for the consumer/fan. I'd expect that shit from MLB or the NBA, but I expect better from the NFL.

Many people who played both NFL games this year (EA's Madden & Sega's ESPN NFL 2k5) felt that 2k5 was the superior game (I own it, btw), regardless of price--and the damn thing retailed for $19.99 versus Madden's $49.99 (which they were eventually forced to lower). Now, EA can offer a sub-par product and charge the full $49.99 and anyone who wants an NFL game will just have to take in the poopchute.

I have ESPN College Hoops 2k5 and it is, by far, the best basketball game I've played on any system. Once again, 20 bucks. I know the development above deals only with the NFL, but I hope it doesn't discourage Sega from continuing their other sports franchises.

UPDATE: At the risk of being subjected to unrelenting ridicule, here's the link to a petition protesting the NFL's decision to enter into the exclusive contract with EA Sports. Don't ask questions--just sign it, you bastards: Upshaw Can Suck It


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a horrible crushing blow for Sega and 989 sports. I wrote a short entry on this in my weblog as well, I've heard rumours that they are trying to get a similar deal for NBA and MLB as well ... I do not bow to our sports gaming overloards

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