Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My first hate mail

This is an emotional moment for me. BTW, this is the original formatting -- the guy must have thought he was using a typewriter.

Here it is:

Howdy pardner,
Whats up? Thanks for giving me a great laugh this morning. Educated in Alabama? ha. Thats an oxymoron.
I can empathize with you for feeling outraged about Brittany Shoot's column,
but truth be told, she did make a lot of sense.
As someone who spent the summer in Bristol, Va/Tn and travelled around a lot
of the southwest part of your state, I know damn well what i'm talking about. The confederate flags and Nascar paraphernalia that saturated the region is
proof enough. Having worked as a reporter, I know that people down there
worship ignorance and have a mindset affected by an irrational, archaic dogma
that encompasses religious and racial elitism and a deluded sense of the world. I've experienced it first hand and it ain't pretty. They believe what they're told and refuse to view different sides of an issue. I find it easier and much more enlightening to have a conversation with
someone from the states Shoot mentioned rather than talk about NASCAR,
Gretchen Wilson and whatever else you guys do down there.
Plus up north, I probably won't run into someone who tries to convert me to
their religion at every step I take.
Maybe I just don't get the hard on that you southerners get when you see a
bunch of cars driving around in a circle or i'm missing the point. By the way, congrats on getting into law school and good luck chasing after
those ambulances.

To which I say: chasing ambulances? That's for your boy John-John Edwards.


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