Friday, November 19, 2004

Benefit of the doubt - Bo in today's DI

"But the media would engender greater trust among the public if they would, between three-hour specials on Abu Ghraib, occasionally find time to report on the small (read: not sensational) triumphs of the American military. Because the breathless media seem incapable of doing so, let me supply some context for the video described above. Here is a Reuters story from Nov. 15: "In one incident, some Iraqis are reported to have come out of a building waving a white flag. When a Marine approached this group, insurgents opened fire on the Marines from different directions." Then we find out (Detroit Free Press, Nov. 17) that just the day before this video was shot, this same Marine unit had a soldier killed when a booby-trapped body of a dead insurgent exploded. Lastly, the unedited video also shows another wounded insurgent holding up his hands and speaking to the Marines, who then take him as a prisoner."


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