Thursday, September 09, 2004

Now for the CBS News/AP article

This is an actual paragraph from this so-called straight news article:

"Thirty-one years later, supporters of now-President Bush have been critical of opponent John Kerry's Vietnam record. Now it's the president's turn to answer tough questions about his own service."

***blank stare***

Are you freaking kidding me?

(taking deep breath)

Clearly, this is written to imply that the Vietnam issue was brought up "thirty-one years later" by "supporters of now-President Bush."

Who are these "supporters"? Does that include Bush himself? Bush family members? Bush campaign staff? Or are "supporters" merely people who despise Kerry for their own reasons and will vote for Bush to keep JK out of office? AP lets our imaginations run wild. No mention, of course, of the FACT that John Kerry has asked the American people to judge him not on his Senate record, but on his record as a soldier in Vietnam, ahem, some thirty-one years ago -- while Bush has made no such issue of Vietnam.

"now-President Bush." Um, yes, we know he's now president. You see, AP, I live in the good ol' US of A, and I have been conscious the last four years. This is an obvious slap at the President's re-election bid.

"Now it's the president's turn to answer tough questions about his own service." Oh really? Wasn't it his turn four years ago? And six months ago? And, oh yeah, I must have missed Kerry's turn to answer those "tough questions" from the mainstream media about his Vietnam service, as the MSM has dismissed each of the Swift Boat Vets' claims out of hand and has failed to broadcast the message that, no, John Kerry could not have possibly been in Cambodia in Christmas 1968, as he himself has had to admit.

OK, I need to step away from the computer now.


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