Wednesday, September 01, 2004

For those fretting over the performance of the twins...

If speeches given by the candidates' children actually move votes in an election as critically important as this one, it may be time to seriously reconsider the concept of democratic self-rule, or at least the requirement of an IQ test when registering to vote.


At 1:14 PM, Blogger MSR said...

As Michael Graham pointed out on NRO Radio, one should take into account the intended audience when critiquing the Bush twins' appearance last night. Graham rightly observes that they weren't speaking to political pundits, or to the over-30 crowd in general. Instead, they were speaking to normal, generally apolitical young people--a group to which they both belong.

Collectively, I think the appearances of the twins and Laura Bush were effective in humanizing the President and the first family. They certainly offer quite a contrast in image to THK and Heinz/Kerry kids (all of whom take themselves way too seriously)--one that would seemingly be more accessible to average middle-class Americans.


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