Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Flipped on MSNBC, and what do I see?

The ubiquitous and ambiguously gay...Ron Reagan in a North Face jacket, reporting from Panama City Beach.

Says something about the "profession" of news reporting, doesn't it?

So let me get this straight: law professors and lawyers are totally unqualified to comment on the news, but the ambiguously gay son of a president, who has absolutely nothing on his resume, is qualified to report on Ivan?

BTW, this just hit me: Dan Rather is a proud graduate of ....Sam Houston State College. Those crazy nuts at Powerline are Harvard Law grads.

Of course, Karl Rove didn't go to college, yet the lefties think he is omnipotent, so who knows?


At 1:08 AM, Blogger Bo said...

Tortfeasor - it kills me too. And if it gets to us, imagine what Scarborough must feel. Here's a guy who was a lawyer, served in Congress for God's sake, earned his way to host a primetime news show (it sucks, I know, but still it's a show) and after all that, what does his network do? Force him to guesthost the biggest news event of the year with RR2, whose qualifications are being the son of a RR1.

RR2's weather reporting doesn't bother me nearly as much as his political commentating. I've never felt that journalists are somehow more enlightened than us or can do things that we can't do or are innately smarter than us - that is, I've always felt that pretty much anyone I know can go to a car accident/robbery scene/etc and give a report on it (in contrast to, say, a professional (accountant, lawyer, doctor, nurse, businessman, etc) who at least has to have learned a set of skills or a base of knowledge. Reporters will tell you that it's a lot more complex than what I'm relating and there's probably some truth in that, but at the same time, when you look at the reporting amateur bloggers have done, it's difficult for me to believe that reporters are somehow in possession of an elite skill. But to be a political analyst, you gotta know your shiznit forward and back or else you'll be humiliated by someone who does. I just don't get the impression that RR2 knows his.


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