Sunday, March 27, 2005

Who is Lance Dickie?

Besides being a hysterical lefty, the evidence for which is his claim that Congress passing the Schiavo law is "a whiff of the American Taliban," I have not a clue how this man managed to land a column on RCP. Perhaps he has pictures of the webmasters with farm animals, I don't know. Or perhaps they simply wanted to show America the inanity of the American Left as it pertains to the Schiavo case (for another example, see Dowd's column from last Thursday).

One myth that this column buys wholesale is the poll that purports to show that Americans in overwhelming numbers side with the husband. Which would make one wonder why the Senate passed this bill by unanimous consent (nary an objection from the Dems) and the House Republicans managed to strip away roughly half of the Dems voting. . .are all these Dems politically suicidal? The more sensible answer is that they intuit something the bogus poll failed to measure: the American people don't like what is happening in Florida, and the video of parents pleading on television for their daughter's life is heart-wrenching and compelling. The poll also managed to avoid telling of Michael Schiavo's new family, his new live-in fiance, his unwillingness to give Terri proper treatment, etc., facts that have since seeped out, though not via the MSM.

But what else should we expect from the half-assed media, who apparently still fail to realize that the truth, distinctly different from the "truth" they would like middle America to hear, has already gotten out and the disparity between these two versions is striking and leaves one side in the dust. . .see: the vote in Congress.

I believe the liberals realize facts, not to mention public sentiment, are not on their side in this case, which is why unimaginative fools like Lance Dickie pull out the "American Taliban" smears. If they did believe that the facts would bear out a victory in the arena of public approval, then perhaps they would incorporate a few more of them into their columns. From my count, about the only evidence Lance Dickie is able to summon in defense of his positioin is: 1) Michael Schiavo is the husband; 2) he was awarded custody by the courts; 3) GOP talking points were despicable. Of course, there were no GOP talking points, so Dickie is down to 2 facts, around which he weaves a cornucopia of logic-barren outrage.

Finally, if we're on the business of discussing "despicable," an endeavor into which Dickie has thrown himself head-first, perhaps we should examine his lecturing to the Schindler's that "My faith and beliefs and my family's experience tell me the parents have to let go of their brain-damaged daughter trapped between life and death." Really? It's your position to tell the Schiavo's how to feel about the daughter they raised and who they're desperately trying to save? What arrogance. Of course, Dickie fails to offer any further elaboration on what experiences, much less facts in this particular case, lead him to such a conclusion.

The lesson of this column is that the bar for a liberal writer is mind-bogglingly low, particularly at a shitty mid-size city newspaper (the writers employed by my hometown paper, the DM Register, further attest to this phenomenon).


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