Thursday, March 17, 2005

Volokh on Capital Punishment

I completely agree with the point Volokh makes. Obviously, I'm out of my league when it comes to the legal issues, but as far as the idea that "certain forms of savagery deserve to be met with. . .cruel vengeance." The punishment for child rape or mass/serial muder, for example, could be expanded to include torture and capital punishment, and I would certainly cheer each change.

This probably comes from dealing with true-blue liberals all the time (who are reflexively against the death penalty), but I have no moral objections to the death penalty. In fact, I wish it were exercised in greater frequency. . .that is, I wish child rapists got the chair too. My point on this issue is simply that some crimes are so heinous that they deserve a punishment that mirrors the degree of the crime's savagery. I know that my contention isn't capable of being proven rationally (I simply believe that certain crimes should be punished by death, because the crime is so offensive the person forfeits their right to live. . .just because), but I don't see that the other side's basic contentions (which generally take the form of "it isn't just for the government to take the lives of its citizens" or some such nonsense) are any more based in reason than mine.


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