Monday, March 14, 2005

Michael Jordan

Last week, I wrote a column about Jordan that attempted to define why he is the greatest basketball player of all time. I know there's some ill will towards Jordan (from MSR), and I actually agree with most of his observations/complaints. It's well-documented that Jordan was a shitty teammate (he made the people around him better, but mostly by making them feel like complete shit. . .something even Jordan-booster David Halberstam makes clear in his book "Playing for Keeps," which is worth reading), he was a womanizer (so is virtually every other pro athlete, but it still is a black mark given his image and marriage), and the media gave him a pass on everything (namely, being such a shitty teammate and being a womanizer).

Anyway, Jonathan V. Last of the Standard makes a much better case for why Jordan achieved what he did, and my column is a poor man's version of his essay. Click the link above, which provides for an interesting read.


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