Saturday, March 26, 2005

I've been dogging ESPN a lot lately

so let me just say that I think Greg Anthony might be my favorite analyst on that network. He's remarkably insightful and well-spoken, which surprised the hell out of me when you consider he went to UNLV, back when those letters were simply another way to spell "thug." Tim Legler is serviceable and Stephen A. Smith should not (if there is a just and merciful God) be allowed to come within 60 miles of a broadcast camera, but I dig Greg's work. If you could pair him and Kenny Smith (Greg's only real competition for Best NBA Analyst Award) from TNT together on one program, it would be about the only sports-discussion show I would make an effort to watch.

Having said that, most of their other analysts are doorknobs, although I exempt the NFL crew from this assessment. . .well, except for when Stuart Scott hosts, given that he manages to submarine Monday Night Countdown on his own.

"No he di-inh." Stuart, please shut the fuck up.


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