Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bush is a hypocrite

Yes, we've all heard this before, but now this charge is being leveled against W in the context of the Schiavo case. I had the distinct displeasure of hearing the disgusting Al Franken opine on the matter on Scarborough a couple nights ago. The base of the charge is thus: in the last few weeks, a baby in Texas was taken off a respirator over the objections of the parents, a tragedy that was facilitated due to a bill signed by Bush when he was governor of Texas. I believe Franken also included a couple of cliched zings at the drug companies and big business (can't liberals come up with any other, more original boogeymen?), but it was late and I had mostly quit paying attention to whatever bile masquerading as "political insight" was coming from Franken's mouth.

Anyway, for a more comprehensive understanding of this bill and why it became Texas law, click on the link above. As usual, there is more to the story than the liberals are willing to countenance. But that doesn't surprise any of us.

ASIDE: also, is there a worse talk-show guest than Franken? On the rare times when I can stomach watching an entire segment in which he appears, he is vastly more interested in throwing mud than offering a substantial counterargument (of course, it is possible to offer a good counter-argument and heave a little dirt at the same time. . .but unfortunatley, the woefully inept Franken cannot even manage this relatively simple task). Case in point would be the Schiavo discussion Scarborough attempted to engage him in two nights ago. The question posed to Franken was thus: "Al, on your radio show, does your experience mirror mine on my show, in that most callers want to discuss Terri Schiavo?" Straightforward, huh? Not even a loaded political question. Franken, with the grace and verbal-sparring acumen more appropriate to a fifth-grade schoolgirl, ignored the question and launched into the attack on Bush that I outlined above. If this man is the savior of Air America, then I imagine the backers are questioning the sagacity of their investment, since Franken accomplishes the dubious feat of being both incoherent and remarkably unfunny. . .hardly the hallmark of a successful radio personality. Sadly, there is a certain segment of the population (in fact, I think a fair number of them live in my community) for whom this qualifies as intelligent discussion.