Friday, December 10, 2004

Federalism and gay marriage

David Frum does a great job of dissecting why federalism will not be able to support the gay marriage proponents, or rather gay marriage itself. Read the article for yourself, but I tend to agree with what he is saying. I remember reading about the second case he cites, with the divorcing of two women and one moving to Virginia (Nate, I think this happened in towards the end of our first year up there). Implicitly, Frum also exposes the problems with DOMA and the thorny legal issues (again, back to federalism) that are attendant to the amendment.

By the way, isn't it amazing that John Edwards, back in one of the primary debates, had not heard of DOMA? I think it adds credence to the theory that he is: a) a political lightweight - how could he have not covered this in pre-debate prep, much less his years on the Senate?; and b) at his base, a very charismatic, attractive man who is stuck with an average brain - think Bill Clinton minus the extraordinary IQ.


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