Sunday, November 21, 2004

They haven't learned

It is remarkable that approaching three weeks after the presidential election, the op-ed pages are still filled with bitter vitriol that is aimed not at the President or his policies, but rather at the voters who approved them. I submit the example above, courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as emblematic of this group-think. Read the column on the left first - a thoughtful and insightful essay on what direction I (and most possessing common sense) think the Democrats should began moving if they want to be a majority party ever again.

Now read the "Rebuttal," which isn't so much a rebuttal as it is a work of spittle-flying invective. The author apparently doesn't realize that satire, while funny, is essentially treating the object of your wit with varying degrees of scorn. And amazingly, the object of scorn is as much Republican voters as it is George Bush. I point you towards the second paragraph, where it is noted that liberals "have to live with conservatives, so let's pretend we care about them." Then scoot over to paragraph three, where we find out that in order to get elected, you have to appear as stupid as the folks whose votes you are courting: "You want to run for president? Wear baseball caps and drink beer in an aluminum can. This imparts a quaint, guy-next-door persona. Voters will want to have a beer with you, talk to you and share a few laughs. You’ll be the kind of president everyone can understand, not the scary intellectual who can outsmart them. "

I expect to read such nonsense on the pages of the Nation, Mother Jones, or perhaps even the Daily Iowan, but the AJC? My guess is that the fervor of the columnist I quoted above is significantly greater (or just louder) than the Dem Leadership Council moderates, and as a result, barring a party takeover by the Man From Hope, the Dems will just move further away from the middle.


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