Monday, November 01, 2004


Mitchell, I appreciate the good news you're posting - it helps my nerves a little bit. What gets me in the end is that I just don't know if Bush can overcome all the obstacles this year: the liberal media, Michael Moore (and his fluff treatment by the liberal media), the loony claims by Kerry (which get zero scrutiny from the MSM), statements like Tom Harkin's about the draft (which also get zero scrutiny from the MSM), MTV's specious draft platform, the professors around campus implicitly rooting for Kerry, etc.

To me, if Kerry wins, it is a symbolic victory for all the things about liberalism I despise: the mendacity of Michael Moore, the refusal to strike preemptively if our security is at risk (and anyone who thinks that Saddam didn't pose a threat is too stupid to be voting), the liberal media's double-standard, CBS News.

It's just tough to deal with.


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