Monday, November 01, 2004

Moore's legacy

During my gourmet dinner of grilled cheese and Campbell's soup, I watched Michael Moore appear on Anderson Cooper's show. There's not a whole lot new to say about Moore that hasn't already been said (by both liberals and conservatives), but if Kerry wins, then in many ways this will be a victory for Michael Moore and the politics he practices. Just now on Cooper's show, when told that there would be Justice Department representatives scattered around the country to prevent voter discrimination, he scoffed "You mean Bush's Justice Department?" It's hard to be amazed by anything Moore says anymore, but this is pretty absurd. Talk about insulting all the JD's who decided to go into government work instead of private practice.

I guess that's why this election has me wound up in knots. Moore managed to singlehandedly depress the civility (and intelligence) of political discourse in this nation. You have MTV and their ilk raising questions about the draft, but I think Moore represents a much worse phenomenon - he doesn't bother engaging in policy discussions, he simply throws mud. And not only that, he throws mud at all Republicans. For example, Begala and Carville (who are assholes, to be sure) keep their criticism of Republicans limited to the administration and their policies. Moore manages to attack ALL Republicans as money-grubbing greedy pigs, including private citizens.

By the way, Tucker Carlson says Kerry wins. So here's my prediction: Kerry wins, with a 4-point margin. Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin all go for Kerry. I'm too busy to figure out my electoral college tally, but I also believe that will not be very close either. Sorry to be a pessimist, but I just think overcoming the MSM, their hagiographic treatment of Moore, their failure to take a magnifying glass to Kerry's past like they did with W's in 2000 (and in July and in September), the voter fraud that I think is inevitable in Ohio, the stupid masses of college voters who have been deluded into believing a draft is imminent, and so on. It just seems like it's too much for Bush to overcome this time. I will be ecstatic if I am proven wrong, though, but right now I'm bracing for a Kerry win.

BTW, I don't even plan on watching television tomorrow. Too hard to take it all down.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

First of all, the Justice Department is a bureaucracy -- the lawyers who work for DOJ remain there regardless of who resides in the WH. The inner workings of the DOJ change very little from administration to administration. Moore's statement reflects either a complete ignorance of the DOJ or a deliberate attempt to mislead. Both are equally plausible.

Second, who uses the word "ilk"? Also, you are an ugly bastard.

Third, Tucker Carlson's opinions deserve slightly less than zero respect. He is a complete idiot and is totally useless on Crossfire as an adversary of Begala.

Fourth, grilled cheese and Campbell's Soup...mmm, mmm, good.

Fifth, Bush will win. Reasons:
-- black turnout will be low, esp. with rain in Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincy, etc.
-- evangelical turnout will be high, unlike last election
-- GOP GOTV efforts are the best they've ever been
-- related note: all polls in 2002 under-predicted GOP support
-- Bush has led in polls since the Convention, and Kerry has yet to take the lead (current polls are the usual weekend bump)
-- election has been played out in blue state territory
-- God could not allow a Kerry victory.

At 9:39 PM, Blogger Bo said...

Nate Diggy,

You have some great points. I worry about the newly registered voters, to some degree: the kids around Iowa City are all gung-ho Kerry (not that they understand why, but that doesn't diminish their fervor). That and I worry, particularly in Ohio, about voter fraud. The stories of Dems abusing the lax voter registration laws are legion, and I completely believe that they will go to any lengths to register new ones, what with their outrage being sky-high.

Point taken about Tucker Carlson. In fact, I feel the same way as you regarding our bow-tied impotent elephant, but I was looking for some verification for my own feelings of desperation.

Also, I am an ugly bastard.

Lastly, I think my fears are mostly based in reason, while your points above are grounded in fact. And for that, even though it indicates a subpar intelligence on my part, I am glad, since it hopefully points to a heartburn-free night tomorrow.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

(Hope you got the reference to your hate mail from crazy abortion girl.)

I'm speculating, just like everyone else, but I feel strangely confident. As the guy at Horserace Blog said, it's easy to confuse the realization of the stakes of the election with true anxiety over the results. You realize how important the election is, and therefore you are nervous, b/c whatever the chances Kerry could win, those odds are too high.

If you need to feel better, go to Kerry Spot. (I'm sure you already have.)

Also, Tucker Carlson is a worthless sack of crap.

At 10:43 PM, Blogger Bo said...

Just reread my last comments. They SHOULD have said:

my fears are mostly based in emotion (fear), while yours are based in fact.

This makes a whole lot more sense.

And yes, Andrea Horton, abortion-crazed psychopath that she is, does indeed think my face resembles a horse's ass. And she has yet to hear the word "ilk" used, except from sloped-brow conservatives.


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