Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I like Bush

I'm not sure how everyone feels about Bush as a candidate, but I really think he is a wonderful guy. Here is a wonderfully illuminating story from Time:

"It was on Air Force One on election day that strategist Karl Rove started calling around to get the results of early exit polls. But the line kept breaking down. The only information that came through as the plane descended was a BlackBerry message from an aide that simply read: "Not good." Not long afterward, Rove got a more detailed picture and told the President and senior aides the bad news. Florida Governor Jeb Bush had been saying the state was looking good, and the Bush team had expected to be ahead in Ohio. But Kerry was leading everywhere. "I wanted to throw up," said an aide onboard. Bush was more philosophical: "Well, it is what it is," he told adviser Karen Hughes."

I know we've all agreed that there is stuff politically that we don't like about him (Medicare bill, for one), but man, I just love the guy. "It is what it is." Indeed, Mr. President. Stoicism like that is simply endearing. I think, though this could be an entire essay on its own, that this mindset stems largely from his faith - he believes that God will do what's best for the country as long as Bush does what he believes is morally correct. To see this conviction in a politician, much less a national politician in our hyper-feel-good/MTV/instant-gratification era, is simply amazing and heartwarming. I've been feeling better and better all day about this election and the larger themes that the result signifies, and this quote just topped it all off.

God Bless America.


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