Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I actually thought this was funny

I think this is serious, but it's so far over the top that it's basically a satire. Whoever wrote this wins some points for the line about Vermonters and Subarus.

At the same time, it's tough to imagine a Northeast liberal male writing something like this, since most of them are emasculated, PC-fluent metrosexuals. Same goes for any Hollywood liberal male, like Jason Biggs. I think I've mentioned my hatred of him somewhere on this blog before, but it all traces back to when I saw him at an MTV Movie Awards interview, and he pointed at his John Kerry button with all the self-righteous arrogance of someone who has made entirely too much money at entirely too young an age without putting in the sufficient effort it should take to earn such sums of money. I feel the same way about Ashton Kutcher, who for reasons unbeknowst to me still has a career. It certainly doesn't help that they are both shitty actors.

Honestly, it just makes me can't-see-straight angry that Hollywood kids (including but not restricted to the two I mentioned above. Actually, pretty much all of young Hollywood, except Republicans Freddie Prinze Jr and Jessica Simpson), who have come into their massive wealth with such ease and without having to put in the years of backbreaking work that normal folks (ie, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, small business owners) have to invest, somehow feel they have earned the right to tell these normal folks that they should pay a much higher percentage of income tax. To me, that is the arrogance that comes with getting things that you haven't really earned; being given vast sums of money without understanding how much money that is, or how hard normal people have to work (in terms of years in school, backbreaking debt as a result of that schooling, opportunity costs, 70-hour work weeks and so forth) to obtain even a fraction of that wealth.

What arrogance.


At 7:31 PM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

With all those f-bombs, I figured it was Mosser.

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