Thursday, November 25, 2004


Though most of America (or at least most of those who occupy my corner of it) appears to be unaware of the events in Fallujah during the past couple of weeks, the stories that come out of that battle are proof that the Greatest Generation may yet be upon us. I found this letter via a post on Belmont Club. Here is a segment that is particularly amazing:

The first is a Marine from 3/5. His name is Corporal Yeager (Chuck Yeager's grandson). As the Marines cleared and apartment building, they got to the top floor and the point man kicked in the door. As he did so, an enemy grenade and a burst of gunfire came out. The explosion and enemy fire took off the point man's leg. He was then immediately shot in the arm as he lay in the doorway. Corporal Yeager tossed a grenade in the room and ran into the doorway and into the enemy fire in order to pull his buddy back to cover. As he was dragging the wounded Marine to cover, his own grenade came back through the doorway. Without pausing, he reached down and threw the grenade back through the door while he heaved his buddy to safety. The grenade went off inside the room and Cpl Yeager threw another in. He immediately entered the room following the second explosion. He gunned down three enemy all within three feet of where he stood and then let fly a third grenade as he backed out of the room to complete the evacuation of the wounded Marine. You have to understand that a grenade goes off within 5 seconds of having the pin pulled. Marines usually let them "cook off" for a second or two before tossing them in. Therefore, this entire episode took place in less than 30 seconds.

Amazing, huh? Think of this during the next weeks, as the media wipes an indulgent, obsequious tear from its eye at the retirement/exile of that windbag Dan Rather and breathlessly follows the saga of Scott Peterson: two pieces of garbage that both received what was their due but at a cost of bloated press. Meanwhile, we have to turn to blogs to understand real bravery, which is not voicing dissent at a justified war (sorry Susan Sarandon) but walking blindly into a room filled with machine-gun-wielding Islamists.


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