Friday, October 01, 2004

What was Scalia thinking?

How did he slip this one by the Senate Judiciary? How disgraceful.

I also hate these "feel-good" meetings with students, like the one Clinton had on MTV (back in '92, I think) when he was asked if he would inhale if given another chance and if he preferred boxers or briefs. I realize there's a difference between a presidential candidate doing this and a Supreme Court judge (the judge doesn't have to shamelessly pander to votes), but if the young people demographic, the 18-26 year-old MTV demographic that we hear so much about, can't seriously engage a politician/judge on real issues, then politicians shouldn't show up for these events. Shame on Scalia for embarrassing himself and the people who stood up for him as representing conservatism.

It's particularly galling on MTV, where the boxers/briefs shit passes as serious discourse.

By the way, I think this Scalia comment will turn out to be a huge deal, given that he's one of the two most conservative members of SCOTUS. Does the poli-sci crowd here know of any way he can be censured or reprimanded?

UPDATE: Stanley Kurtz thinks Scalia was misquoted. I sure hope so; if he was, that is one hell of a misquote.


At 1:09 PM, Blogger MSR said...

Let's hope to God he was making the statement in the way Kurtz suggests. It was a real kick in the nuts to read that first thing this morning, particularly after last night's disappointing debate.

At 6:14 PM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

I think Congress can pretty much censure anybody -- which basically means they can pass a resolution expressing their disappointment. The only constitutionally provided remedy is impeachment, which is clearly not in the universe options for making a stupid statement.

But why would they do it, anyway? Look, the view is reprehensible to me (although it's looking likely that Scalia misinterpreted), but it's irrelevant to his job. His personal views have nothing to do with his position as Constitution-interpreter -- and it sounds like that was the point he was trying to make.

I guess what I'm saying is that this isn't like Joycelyn Elders, as surgeon general, encouraging third-graders to flog the dolphin.


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