Wednesday, October 06, 2004

VP Debate

I have the worst cold in the history of mankind and spent most of the day sleeping or blowing my nose, so I missed most of the debate. From the ten minutes I did see, which was right before closing statements, I thought Cheney was devastating. I can see where he might turn off suburban soccer moms, since he's a lot more brusque and businesslike than Edwards, but if the WOT is your A#1 priority this election, then you were extremely impressed by Cheney's quiet tone. Edwards' closing statement was so saccharine and manufactured it was pathetic - I guess that's what a plaintiff's trial lawyer has to offer. Again, I can see how his "father learned math by the TV" narrative appeals to women and moms, but what does that have to do with anything you spoke of during the debate? There was some tenuous transition to the "empty chairs at your table" regarding the war, but otherwise it was so obnoxious I couldn't watch (I felt embarrassed FOR him having to sit across the table from Cheney, who ate John-Boy's lunch and then wiped his face with the Senator's $2000 suit).

My favorite quote came from Polipundit, via Kerry Spot:

"Will the family of a Veep wannabe, dark suit, dark hair, Dark Side, license # I-S-U-E-U, please come and claim the carcass? Your junior lawyer has been trampled, pummeled, thumped, whupped, sliced, diced, julienned, fried, pureed, laughed out of the county, and has dismayed fellow slimebags across the nation. You may claim the remains, collected in a large number of small baggies, at the BreckTM booth."

Haha. Nicely put.


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