Sunday, October 31, 2004

Vote for Bush (a pictorial rationale)

Very moving. What a bunch of all-around badasses our soldiers are. Whenever I see pictures like this, it makes me want to eliminate every other Department in Washington and expand the DoD's budget to unimagined levels, my reason being that somehow that influx of dollars will help us kill more terrorists and save more of our own soldiers.

The other thing is that when I see pictures of a Palestinian baby wearing knives and machine gun rounds or pictures of Paul Johnson beheaded or pictures of those four charred bodies of contractors in Fallujah and am reminded of what pieces of human garbage we are fighting against, I really would have no problem if our military became a lot more aggressive with these killers. And I mean a LOT more aggressive, as in giving the terrorists in Fallujah 24 hours to clear out of town (at which point we arrested them) and then we turn that place to glass.

I'm certainly no military expert, and perhaps the terrorists on the ground are starting to get the idea that we shouldn't be screwed with, but from what little I have seen/heard/read about the Middle East and the Islamism-terrorist mindset, the only thing that they respect are displays of brutal, crushing force. I think that would explain how the Fallujah terrorists became so emboldened; they burned 4 contractors in plain view of the military and we looked the other way. It certainly would explain bin Laden's whole MO in the 90's.

This is very controversial and I shouldn't be writing this, but I think the Islamofascists need one prime example of American strength. Which isn't really the right word; they need one example of American ruthlessness, however remote of a possibility that is (thanks, State Department). Imagine if our government finally decided that the times of bargaining with Iraqi "insurgents" (a nice euphemism courtesy of the MSM) are over, and from now on, we're just going to shoot first and ask questions later. And then we proceed to annihilate one small battalion of insurgents in plain view of their buddies; and by annihilate, I mean leave absolutely no trace of remains. I think this would get the attention of those assholes cutting off the heads of innocents. I guess my major complaint, which frustrates me to no end (particularly when I see pictures like Paul Johnson's) is that sometimes all the rules that we play by are not the same as the ones the terrorists play by, and if we would give our troops, even for just a day, permission to eviscerate insurgents with brutal ruthlessness, then our problems would soon be over in Iraq. Sort of a "we're happy to help out those of you who want help, but vengeance will be swift and merciless to those who choose to oppose us."

Personally, I think if there is another major terrorist attack in America, then the American people will say the hell with this pussy-footing around and will want some serious blood to be shed. Imagine if bin Laden succeeds in killing 50,000 at one time. Horrible, but if it happened, I suspect that any organized state who has anything to do with terrorism (or really any nation that has assumed a threatening posture against us) will be worrying about a potential American nuclear attack. Hopefully it never comes to this.

I'd welcome some comments here too. Anyone else think that a temporary relaxing of our military's code would produce some massively effective results? I should also note that I could give a shit less if the Marines did get a little more ruthless - if we were fighting a typical enemy, who stood across from us on a battlefield, then it'd be one thing. But terrorists now shoot at us, then throw down their weapon and pretend to be civilians when we approach; they kill innocent people to intimidate; they refuse to fight us face-to-face; they use women and children as human shields. With people like that, I could care less if we decided to employ some marginally acceptable tactics. I certainly won't lose any sleep over it.


At 4:16 AM, Blogger millersam said...

Run by extremists for four more years this country will go down even further than it already did. What was good about Bush?
Except that he was lying to you the way you wanted it?

Maybe by 2008 you will realize that this huge deficit will have to be paid back by your kids. And all the money spend now will not have build anything. I
It will be simply gone. We are not building a new Hoover Dam. We are wasting money on the wrong war. Creating more terrorists every day were there were none before.

Tony Blair can not access right now.
Nobody outside of the US can. What kind of messages is Mr Bush sending?
Is this his "one finger victory" to the world? If that the America you want, then
think about how many parts in that computer you are using is american made.
Then think about where the car is being made that you drive? And where was the car made that you would love to drive? America needs the world, much like the world needs America. But not one that is run by extreme right wing politicians. Four years ago Bush promised compassionate conservatism. What was left from it?

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Gerard said...

Thanks for the link. I appreciate it. As for sleep, not only won't I lose any, I'll get more.

At 5:03 PM, Blogger MSR said...

What post was miller responding to?

"Objection your honor--relevance."

At 7:21 PM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

Dear millersam,

****blank stare****



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