Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tucker Carlson. . .

goes after Jon Stewart on "Crossfire." I haven't seen the clip yet, so probably shouldn't comment too thoroughly, but it does seem lowbrow of Stewart to appear on "Crossfire," then during that appearance deride the show. Poor taste.

It's odd to be rooting for Tucker Carlson. I never thought he was a bad guy or anything, but since his cojones are kept in a jar offstage for "Crossfire," it's just always annoyed me to no end that Carville/Begala would eat his lunch and then laugh at him for it. Maybe he's just not the best host for the program, since he's not willing or not able to be the partisan blowhard that the show's format requires. I wish Tucker luck going up against Jon Stewart, who despite being an arrogant liberal is also quick on his feet and funny. Of course, I have yet to understand why anyone would take Jon Stewart's opinions seriously on anything political, since his job is to spoof news events and his primary function as a host is to make people laugh (he's no Krauthammer or George Will).


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