Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I leave for 4 days and this is what happens. . .

This editorial, which masquerades as a foreign policy criticism of the United States, actually morphs into a Bush hit piece in the last several paragraphs. It is also so poorly contrived and so parochial in its criticism that it's hardly worth mentioning here. But here are a couple nuggets:

1)The idea that a change in our president will somehow bring liberation to the woman of Saudi Arabia is beyond a joke. Kerry will not do anything differently in regards to the Sauds; in fact, no US politician will do anything differently, because the public outrage of gas hitting $5 a gallon would be mutinous, not to mention the ways in which it would cripple our economy. To suggest that a vote for John Kerry would somehow end the plight of Saudi women is irresponsible at best, and a grim lie at worst.

2)There are no good answers to Saudi Arabia. The country is a disaster waiting to happen. Economic sanctions won't work - the place, as the article condescendingly notes, is "dripping with oil" (this description also sucks; they should have said "awash in oil" or "immersed in oil", since dripping makes me think of a leaking faucet, not a veritable tidal wave) and has massive cash reserves. Who else in the world would join us in sanctions anyway? No one, because no other foreign leader is that stupid.

So instead of offering any real solutions, this piece would rather throw shit on the wall and hope it sticks, and in the process mislead the reader. I'm going to chew somebody's ass in meeting today.


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