Friday, October 08, 2004

I don't think she liked my column

Here's a nice piece of fan mail I got today. If any parents are reading, I apologize for the cuss words:

I hope I have the right Robert Schneider- the one who wrote "Abortion on
demand?" If I am addressing the wrong person I'm sorry!

Anyway, I read your article this morning and felt really astonished.  I
realize that your opinions on the issue of abortions are based on an attempt
you are making to be a good person, who strives to fight for good in the
world.  But, you have to know that you can't begin to imagine and then judge
any percentage of women and their decisions regarding giving birth to a child.

I know that you believe you understand Amy Richards to be a shallow,
egocentric, irresponsible, cold, calculated woman consumed by her self-
absorption and utilitarian narcissism.  But, come on, isn't that quite
ridiculous of you to say when you don't know her?
 Of course it might have been "irresponsible" of her to go off of birth
control and not use condoms, but she would be much more prepared to deal with
the consequences if they would be normal.  Having triplets is not something
she would have probably even imagined would happen- because it hardly ever
does happen to anyone.  Any unprepared person would feel panicked when delt
with that suprise scenario- maybe even you.  

You know what, fuck it.  I have been writing this article like I am talking to
a little kid, just because I know what an impossible thing it is to get
through to a person like you.  The bottom line is you are an asshole who
doesn't unerstand what it is like to be a pregnant woman.  When a woman has a
child she gives up her life.  You probably think that if she is not happy
about this then she is "selfish." In reality she is scared, scared of being an
inadequate mother and of not being able to be happy making such a big
sacrifice.  You'll never be able to imagine what that is like.  
Reading your article made me, my boyfriend, my roommate, and probably many
others feel like puking.  I could tell what a naive prick you were going to be
as soon as I read the line "the average voter is more concerned with Islamo-
fascists hell-bent on slaughtering his wife and children..." I don't know
anyone who regards that as their main concern, and the fact that you buy into
that bullshit is funny.  Other people are more concerned that Bush and people
like you will run and ruin their lives.  
The reason the number of people who read your article that will side with you
are "in the single digits" is that Iowa City is a great place to live.  
Also, who uses the work "ilk"?  
Also, you are an ugly bastard.


Nice, huh? I like how she called me an "ugly bastard," which I'm not disputing, but it's sure a mark of maturity. It's also funny how she said she "doesn't know" anyone whose main concern is terrorism. Perhaps she should consider reading the newspapers sometime, or just look at her man John Kerry, who has abandoned social issues to campaign almost exclusively on the war on terror.


At 7:51 PM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

You should write her back, thanking her for making your point.

Column, BTW, was very insightful. I'll write more later.

At 9:40 AM, Blogger MSR said...

Why don't you ask that dumb bitch exactly how Bush is going to "ruin their lives." Assuming she is making the remark with the issue of abortion still in mind, I would offer for her consideration the fact that this country seemed to do quite well for the almost 200 years it existed before government-sanctioned abortion. Of course, if she considers the inability to be a hedonistic tramp without any sense of personal responsibility a necessary element for a "ruined" life, then maybe she's on to something. Oh, and if I were arguing in favor of casual abortion, I might try to steer clear of phrases like "ruining their lives."

At 10:00 AM, Blogger MSR said...

And Bo, if you decide you want to employ me for the purpose of demoralizing this heifer, I'd be glad to do so.


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