Friday, October 29, 2004

Apologies - and Schilling

For being absent for the past few days. I'll get back on the wagon tomorrow.

Mitchell, great post on Schilling. The more I hear about him, the cooler he sounds. Clay, my roommates were two of the large mass of individuals who got disgusted with Schilling for his thanking God, for reasons that are an utter mystery to me.

Let me ask: what would the response had been if Schilling had thanked Allah? Everyone would be scrambling for the nearest PC-o-meter and stumbling over themselves to express the utmost reverence and respect for his religion. The same goes for the movie "Saved," the Mandy Moore "film" that lampooned Christian teenagers for 2 hours. What would the response of Ebert have been if a studio had produced a movie satirizing Muslims or Buddhists? Outrage. It's the same way the Left is constantly fretting (to be generous) about Bush's Christianity, and how his religious beliefs are being legislated, how the Religious Right has hijacked the White House, etc, but I have yet to read a liberal (save Hitchens, who isn't really even liberal, in the Howard Dean sense, on foreign policy now) stridently condemn Islamic terrorists. They are dutifully hostile to terrorists and terrorism, but seemingly cannot find it within themselves to note that the only terrorists blowing up civilians these days are Muslims.

Which is one reason why Matt Stone and Trey Parker are badasses; at least they stick it to everyone equally, instead of abiding by the regnant PC laws which dictate that Christianity is fair game but other religions are off-limits. Really, it's a bunch of horseshit.


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