Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Voice of Middle America

Tortfeaser - could not agree with you more re: Zell Miller. I thought Arnold would probably be the high point of the convention speakers, if not Rudy. No question that Zell has stolen the show. This is the sort of speech that every high school speech teacher one day hopes their charges will grow up to make: strong, concise, and forceful. Any undecided watching that demonstration of emotion tonight will seriously begin to lean towards Bush, I imagine.

The reason why is pretty much what the Tortfeaser argued in his post: Zell reminded the convention, and the American people, why we should be so proud of our nation's history as a force for good. From Normandy to Najaf, soldiers have volunteered (volunteered!!) to put their lives on the line not only to protect the homeland, but to bring freedom to other parts of the world. The liberals, particularly the modern Democratic Party and that corpulent bag of wind Ted Kennedy, have decided to sneer at this idealism instead of cheerlead for it. I think that across America, people have been a little uneasy about the charges Kennedy (and Howard Dean, and MoveOn, and Michael Moore, etc.) have been making, but really haven't had a major political figure get up on stage and articulate WHY they should be feeling uneasy. Zell not only put forth a ringing endorsement for Bush 43, but he also put forth a ringing endorsement for AMERICA, directly answering the cynical pooh-poohing that Michael Moore and his ilk direct towards current foreign policy.

My guess is that this speech will be appearing all over the morning shows and cable networks tomorrow. It was a pretty brutal condemnation of the Kerry candidacy, and put in a historical context (the references to Korea and Poland were a very nice touch) is absolutely devastating. No wonder he left the Democratic Party.


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