Thursday, September 02, 2004

Video of Zell

I've already watched this thing twice this morning already. What a great speech. I'm writing a column on it for tomorrow; I think this speech played extremely well across the middle America, where people have been uneasy and leery of Dean's wacky hysterics about our motivations in the Middle East. These same people are also tired of hearing Michael Moore make his specious claims, and most importantly, they're tired of being told that we're the bad guy (see the prevalent claims of "occupying force" and so forth). I think they wanted someone to champion America, have been WAITING for someone to champion America, and finally they got it.

UPDATE: Apparently the Kerry Spot agrees with me. Here's Jim Geraghty (no permalink was available):


It is a mean, nasty world out there, and speaking in gentle tones about cooperation isn't going to keep us safe. Despire some NRO folks fears, I think this speech will go over better than expected, because a good chunk of the population, more than just Republicans, is mad as Zell and not going to take it anymore.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Michael Barone has some thoughts on the issue. He also thinks Zell's speech will hit home across America


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