Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Truly a badass

Christopher Hitchens is maybe the baddest writer around. Here he manhandles The Nation, which is the literary hub from which all the psychobabble/anti-American sentiment emanates. I have ceased to be amazed by the growing degrees of drivel that comes from the Left, but the headline of the article Hitchens eviscerates ("Bring Najaf to New York") is appalling.

What will happen to these people in five weeks? Will they split from the Democrats and form their own party? After an election in which they get trounced by running a semi-hawkish candidate (relatively speaking, of course, when you consider the primary season continuum of Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich), will the party shift even farther to the left? I wonder if Bill Clinton will try to take the reins of the party again and steer the ship back on course, but then that raises the question of will anyone listen to him, or will the indignant outrage of the party's base be too much for even him to quell?

Thoughts? Predictions?


At 11:41 AM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

There are two questions, really: 1) assuming Kerry loses, what effect will the loss have on the Democratic Party, and 2) what should conservatives hope happens to the Democratic Party?

With regard to #1, I tend to think the Democrats will remain supremely pissed about Bush's re-election for a couple of years, but will eventually realize that it has to begin grooming a truly electable candidate for 2008, much as the Republicans responded to Clinton's re-election in 1996. The Republicans came back with their own "Third Way" candidate in 2000 (W.), not Pat Buchanan. Similarly, I think the Dems will begin looking down the roster for a relatively moderate southerner to run opposite Billary in 2008. (I'm not convinced that the Democrats are united in wanting Billary in 2008 -- she has serious electability issues.) Some say Edwards, but he will have a hard time not picking up the permanent stench of the Kerry loss. Do they have anyone else on deck who fits the profile? I'm not sure.

I have to think that the more mature and respectable elements of the Democratic Party will look around in the aftermath of '04 and recognize that the MoveOn/Michael Moore/Dept. of Peace losers cannot be given serious consideration within the party. Ultimately, they will come back to the center.

Which brings me to the second question: what should conservatives hope for? My more competitive side wishes the Dems would go ahead and fall completely off the cliff, ushering in an era of total Republican dominance that lasts for eternity -- much in the way I sometimes wish an asteroid would obliterate Toomer's Corner, Gay Street, and the rest of the God-forsaken town of Auburn, Alabama. However, my more mature side truly does wish the Democratic Party would come back to reality. It's better for our democracy not to have one of the two viable alternatives be assured self-destruction; plus, the leftward drift of the Dems would almost certainly result in a similar leftward drift in the Republican Party.


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