Friday, September 17, 2004

Sex workers: an ignored demographic

I think everyone will probably have the same reaction that I did. I like how in the 6th paragraph, this becomes an issue of workplace rights: Brittany says that "this is an issue on human rights. No one should face assault on the job." Which sort of makes you think that they probably shouldn't be prostitutes then. Or that being a prostitute (like being a drug dealer) comes with certain risks, since your "profession" is illegal.

Which then begs the question of why should the government be forced to offer protection to people whose jobs ARE illegal? I already complained about the slippery slope argument in my earlier post, but I do not see how this would not lead to protection for all sorts of criminals. What if a drug dealer gets money stolen from him? Should he have police protecting him while he does his business, even though his business is illegal? It also becomes an issue of "they had no other choice because they were poor," which is maybe half-true. Undoubtedly, Harvard graduates don't turn to prostitution, but it's not like it's a choice between starving to death because you can't find a job and selling your body on the street. Of course, the only solution in a liberal's mind is more government to rectify the situation, because if there was enough government, we wouldn't have prostitutes. Or crime, for that matter; it'd just be one big nirvana.

Finally, yet again, the terminology gets to me. They're not "sex workers," they're prostitutes. Just like robbers aren't "wealth redistributors," they're "burglars." I recognize that her argument loses a lot of its merit if you start inserting "prostitute" for every reference made to "sex worker," which makes the argument even shabbier.

UPDATE: I just noticed something else. Second paragraph, she says "sex work can be a chosen field. . .but in America we may take this opportunity for granted." Ha! The slobby Americans in their self-absorbed suburbian stupor fail to appreciate the precious advantages this nation offers for hookers! Shame on them! Where is your sense of patriotism??

Of course, the fact that she says "sex work can be a chosen field" then implies that the only reason people choose to prostitute themselves is because of poverty seems to be a massive contradiction, but at this point, who's counting?


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