Friday, September 03, 2004


Did anyone watch Scarborough after the speech tonight? He has Janeane Garafalo on, first off, who is busy blaming America for not being a "communitarian" country. Then, he serves her up a softball question:

"Do you think a paralegal making $22,000 a year is more worried about the war on terror or her job. Is she more concerned with the war on terror or where the hell she'll get health insurance if she doesn't have a job anymore?"

Gee, Joe, thanks for giving us the answer in the question. What a bunch of horseshit. If you're going to have celebrities on the show, who have no experience in politics other than simply giving their opinion, then you shouldn't be serving them up softballs across the center of the plate (the same goes for Ron Silver, by the way, but I didn't see Scarborough lobbing him any easy pitches). If these celebrities want to use their fame (not that Garafalo really has much fame left to use as capital) to make a political point, then these hosts need to at least establish that the celebrities are knowledgeable, which is done by asking them difficult questions. Honestly, anyone can go up there and recite some DNC talking points.

This, combined with the inanity of RR2 and Matthews, makes MSNBC's coverage of the convention a joke.


At 11:38 AM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

The media has been doing this since the election season began: they consistently make the Democratic argument for them. They don't realize it (or maybe they do), as the Democratic position/criticism of Republicans seems like the baseline for them -- they don't even know Republicans.

What's disturbing is to see Scarborough fall into this trap. I think two things are at work with Scarborough: 1) he realizes his reputation as the former Republican congressman from the Panhandle makes him suspect in the eyes of other media members, and he wants desperately to transition into "respectable media member" now that his political career is over, and 2) he is a plaintiffs' attorney, and his boy Edwards is running on the Dem ticket this time around.


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