Sunday, September 05, 2004

Roll Tide - and Go Clones

I didn't see the LSU outcome coming. If that OSU wide receiver wasn't such a dumbass and had just given the ball back to the refs, we would have seen the biggest upset of the season. Of course, the kicker is still an idiot (how do you miss three of them? Isn't that your only job on the team?), but if I were the OSU coach, I'd direct a little bit of my fury at the WR.

Also, the Iowa State Cyclones beat UNI today, 23-0. I can also attest that the game could have been a lot worse, but we controlled the ball for the entire third quarter, ran nothing but runs up the middle, and ate up 8 minutes of the third quarter with a single drive (coincidentally, our kicker also missed the extra point). So the game wasn't as close as the score might indicate. Unfortunately, playing at Iowa next weekend will be dicey.

Once again, the season doesn't really matter unless you beat your in-state rival. I know you all feel the same way. We could go on to a BCS bowl game (not likely at all, but let's play hypothetical here), but if we lost to Iowa this weekend, I'll still be pissed in January. I've never understood how people can feel otherwise either; I got into a few arguments about that when ISU beat Iowa in 2002, and Iowa went to a BCS game, and of course the stupid Iowa fans and their faux "tradition" said something to the effect of: who cares about that game, because the rest of our season was dynamite compared to yours. No way. You gotta beat the other state team or shut your mouth about it for the year.

Having said that, I predict an Iowa victory next weekend, and I'll promptly shut my mouth until next September.


At 10:46 AM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

OSU should have gone for two after the touchdown in OT. Stupid.


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