Friday, September 10, 2004

Re: Mitchell's psot

I'm sure we all share this opinion, but it is long past time for Kerry to reveal his war records and gain any sort of political advantage from them. If they had contradicted anything in the Swifties' accounts, then he would have released them somewhere in mid-August (after it became clear the toll that the Swifties' ads were taking on his poll numbers) and quashed the controversy. At this point, I think it's safe to assume that his records don't vindicate him from their charges, and perhaps would reveal some other tidbits that he would rather keep sealed.

Of course, his campaign staff (who I am sympathetic to, given that they have to make this guy electable) is comprised of idiots, as the last month has shown. But I still feel like even they know enough about politics to have understood that releasing his records (if they put him in the clear) would have evaporated any momentum from the Swifties back around mid-August.

I also think it's obvious that the MSM has no interest in those records anymore. But who knows, from that Slate article the Tortfeasor linked to earlier today, it looks like the press's patience is wearing thin with the media embargo. Also, maybe the CBS debacle and the ensuing, inevitable fallout will force the MSM to be a little more balanced in their coverage. They've been getting away with their slant for years, but it looks like those days (thanks to the Internet) are over.


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