Monday, September 06, 2004

Re: Bush and Cocaine

Well, if this is the best the Dems can do, then I'm feeling even better about November. In contrast to the Swifties ad, this, my friends, is a REAL smear campaign. Some differences: the Swifties pointed out statements made by Kerry about his service that were: A) blatantly false; and B) used for political gain, most aptly in his Christmas/Cambodia story (btw: has any mainstream paper run with this yet? I haven't seen anything). Now take this new book, which exploits ghosts in Bush's closet that are of a personal nature. Hell, if substance abuse problems aren't of a personal nature, particularly when they took place 20 years ago, then nothing is. But, the liberals say, shouldn't Kerry's Vietnam exploits and medals be of a personal nature too? Yes, I'm all for letting sleeping dogs lie, but unfortunately it was John Kerry woke them up. If John Kerry had never spoke about Vietnam in his primary campaign or at his convention, then I'd be a lot less receptive to the Swifties (even though they do expose some pretty shady truths about Kerry). But Kerry's problem is that this was his choice; he wanted us to judge him on his record, and the Swifties are making sure that we're doing just that.

Now, as to political implications of the Bush/cocaine thing, there won't be a person alive (except for the hysterical Susan Estrich and her ilk) who cares about this. Why? First, as the Tortfeasor pointed out, Bush has a record now as Commander-in-Chief; that's a powerful trump card. Second, the idea of Bush as a wild, frat-boy younger man is not novel; we know all about his drinking and carousing, and these ghosts were all dredged out in front of us back in 2000. So unless there is a bombshell allegation, this book will fall by the wayside. And that bombshell allegation HAS to have some documentation, not just "Bush's old college roommate's brother said," because the public won't accept anything less, thanks to the good Dr. "Boy Who Cried Wolf" Dean. I also think there may be some sympathy for Bush out of it; the young man who becomes a repentant sinner is a compelling story (in large part because it's true and Bush's subsequent lifestyle certainly attest to that), and his social-conservative base will be protective of him and the deeper themes (redemption, Christ's saving grace, etc) that his conversion to Christianity represents.

Again, I hold to my position that the only thing that will sink him with said base is an abortion that he was a party to. Otherwise, the public's intolerance for the liberal media's headhunting will manifest itself very quickly - and I do think that the public is tired of this stuff (character assassination, that is, not valid questions raised by veterans - there's a big distinction here, but I don't want to drag this post out any longer than it already is).


At 11:03 PM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

Couldn't agree more, Bo. There is nothing new to this story -- allegations of cocaine use/abuse arose during the 2000 campaign, to no (discernible) effect. The real question: will the MSM pick up on this story founded on unsubstantiated rumors?


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