Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Hugh Hewitt has a nice post on partisanship, and even takes a nice dig at Tucker Carlson (Hewitt notes that Carlson gets "kicked around the stage on every single Crossfire" by Begala and Carville - and I couldn't agree more). He also takes issue with how Andrew Sullivan & Co. regard "partisans" as repulsive creatures.

Also, the link I posted above doesn't take you directly to the post it is supposed to, so scroll down the page until you get to the 6:20 AM post from today (Tuesday). Also, check out the item on Sara Lister, a former Assistant Secretary for Defense under Clinton. Her comments about Marines, which promptly garnered her resignation, are what the Clinton, hippie, Michael Moore-left actually think about our armed forces. They are repulsed by the idea of fighting (in their minds, slavishly and foolishly) for - well, pretty much anything. Unfortunately, Lister forgot that you can't be publicly anti-Marines and still hope to have a job at the Pentagon.


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