Thursday, September 16, 2004

Mort Kondracke

brought up an interesting point tonight on Brit Hume's show, one that I hadn't thought of before but now seems to explain a lot. He pointed out how the producer of ABC News (I forget the woman's name) had been researching this story for 5 years, and how basically there were lots of conjectures and some signs which pointed to Bush being given special treatment, but no definitive evidence to support these leads. Kondrake believes that the CBS crew was desperate to get this story on the air; after all, they had invested 5 years in the thing, and their opportunity for doing so was shrinking, since the election is looming and after that, revelations about Bush's service are irrelevant. Basically, CBS was looking for any way possible to run this story without coming across like complete rumormongers, and when the documents popped into their lap, they decided to use those documents as a springboard to introduce all this other evidence that is mostly tangential and very wobbly, in the hopes that the public would ignore whatever controversy there was about the inconsistencies in the memos and focus on the larger story (that of Bush skipping out on his duty).

Obviously, they gambled big and even more obviously, they lost bigger.


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