Sunday, September 19, 2004

Kerry's sister?

First off, if this isn't typical arrogant Kerryism, then I don't know what is. Apparently the syndrome runs in the family. How do you think the Australian people take to being subjected to lectures from an American? (I know, she lived there for a number of years, but she is speaking AT Australians from an outsiders perspective) If anything, I think the Australian people, who aren't some illiterate third-world populace, would be able to deduce their susceptibility to terrorist attacks for themselves, rather than have to hear it from an American living there.

Secondly, if this isn't playing the "politics of fear," which John Edwards works himself into a hissyfit over, then what is? Of course, why don't we ask Russia (both of whom acquiesced mightily to terrorists via obstructing the war in Iraq) if that immunized them from Islamofascists. If I remember correctly, the Breslan tragedy wasn't perpetrated by crazed Christians or Buddhists.

If we're going to have a discussion about terrorism, the war in Iraq, and presidential administrations, then I'm all for it. But to send your sister off to promote fear among the Australians because of their efforts in Iraq, then why can't we discuss whether your administration would make our country more susceptible to attacks?

And finally, what exactly is Kerry's sister's point? Is she trying to convince the Australians to pressure the Australian PM to withdraw troops, and therefore isolate America further in Iraq? What else would be the point of making such an outrageous statement?

This drives me absolutely crazy. I almost wish she was here in the States saying stupid things, though; perhaps she'd be as much of a liability (were she in closer proximity) than the soon-to-implode Theresa (Ter-EZ-a) Heinz.


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