Friday, September 03, 2004

Kerry's meltdown last night

I talked with the Tortfeaser about Kerry's speech last night (which I heard on the radio and he saw on TV). Nate thought he was drunk, and The Corner speculated about this too. I'm not ruling that out by any means, but I also think that Kerry could have suffered a mild nervous/emotional breakdown last night. First off, the convention was a dynamite success for Republicans, as today's Time poll shows. Secondly, Kerry is most likely feeling the increasing stress of frustration (not being able to stay on message, any message, at all because of the Swifties) and desperation (see my post below. Kerry is at a loss as to how to deal with the Swifties). Couple that stress with the exercise in sleep deprivation that a campaign is, plus the turmoil among his staff, and I think it makes a perfect recipe for a breakdown.

Hugh Hewitt (link above) thinks Kerry got an early whiff of some internal polls which showed him being crushed. I think that's entirely plausible too. Hell, it's probably some combination of all of these factors (including perhaps a couple G&T's to take the edge off). At any rate, that ship had better right itself soon.


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