Friday, September 10, 2004

Guess which paper this was in?

If you said The Daily Iowan, then you win a free toaster. Animal rights people, in my mind, are among the nuttiest group of folks on the planet. I'm all for animal rights myself, if by that you mean humans shouldn't torture animals for fun. But I can't understand quotes like this priceless gem:

"Getting animals off my plate was the most effective means I had of extending mercy to the most disenfranchised beings on this planet."

What a crock. If you really want to have a peek at the most disenfranchised beings on the planet, why don't you take a walk over to the Sudan, where genocide (that's killing of humans, btw, not chickens) is rampant, thanks to Kofi Annan's incompetence. Or go visit North Korea, where people are starved so that Kim Jong-Il can make nuclear weapons. Or, if you prefer a warmer climate closer to home, there's always Cuba, where dissent of the government will land you a nice term in Castro's jailhouse.

It's just tough to take claims like this seriously, what with all the human injustices being perpetrated around the world. I just think working to save a cute little bunny serving as an test subject for cancer drugs is a massive waste of time, not to mention extraordinarily self-absorbed. If you really want to do something worthwhile, go join the Peace Corps or volunteer at an inner-city children's club or something.


At 7:53 AM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

Instead of a free toaster, I would like a nice, juicy bunny sandwich...please?


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