Monday, September 20, 2004

Give it up, Terry

I mentioned some of this in my column from last week, but it has now been cemented in my mind that Terry McAuliffe is the worst party head in the history of the world. Fresh off the "revelation" that CBS used forged documents to slander the president, McAuliffe decides that his best strategy is to continue attacking Bush on these grounds. Ignore the fact that America decided four years ago that Bush's NG service was irrelevant to his current capacity to command our troops, but my theory is that the Dems' internal polling (and most external polls too, from what I've seen) indicate that national security will be THE issue that defines this election, that most voters place it at the top of their list of concerns above economy, health care, etc. This, to me, seems to be the only logical explanation why McAuliffe would continue this line of attack, even though it is obviously a battle they by all accounts are losing badly.

Of course, the Dems are stuck with a dovish candidate who can't make up his mind about Iraq. I think this liability will be exposed for all America to see in the debates, provided Bush has halfway-decent coaches; one tactic might simply be to recite the laundry list of military funding Kerry has voted against, and then draw the distinction between himself (a strong leader) and Kerry.

At any rate, unless the co-presidents Bill and Hillary step in to bail McAuliffe out, I can't see why he will keep his job. Lost the 2000 election, lost control of the Senate and several House seats in '02, and appears to be losing even more Senate seats (btw: Daschle looks to be falling behind Thune in SD) and the presidency this year. It will be interesting to watch the Democrats respond to another humbling election year - will the party become even more stratified (between hawks and doves) or will they come to their sense and move towards the New Democrat model of post-1994 Clinton?


At 8:43 AM, Blogger Tortfeasor said...

Bo, not only are they sticking with the Bush-NG story -- which as far as I can tell is getting no traction -- McAulliffe is actually peddling the conspiracy theory that the omnipotent Karl Rove and Co. are behind the CBS forgeries! And what blow my mind is that Wolf, Chris Matthews, and the rest of them let him and his surrogates actually get away with suggesting it.


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