Sunday, September 26, 2004

Funny happenings

I had a rousing editorial board meeting today. There's a ton of stuff I have to do tonight, so let me just provide you all with a quick recap.

You might remember the one guy I mentioned earlier who said that he felt the media was giving Bush a free pass on his National Guard service (in spite, of course, of the fact that this was covered in 2000, in July of this year, and then was brought up again with the CBS scandal). Well, this kid is a fountain of ignorance. Today he asserted that the comments made by Armitage, that terrorists in Iraq want Bush to lose the election, was dirty politics. When I pointed out that Michael Moore and Richard Clarke both had said 9/11 had occured on Bush's watch, and that these two gentlemen were Kerry's attack dogs, he then said: (1) Michael Moore never said 9/11 was Bush's fault; and (2) that Michael Moore wasn't a Kerry attack dog.

I don't think I need to add anything here, but everyone else please feel free to.


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